Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Well, sadly, an entire community of people will always answer "no" to that question. And poor cell phone reception or a faulty wireless carrier is of no consequence whatsoever regarding their ability to "hear you now." The community I am speaking of is the deaf community. These individuals will most likely never "hear you now."

I am posting this today, because of an inspiration I had--one derived from watching, of all things, Sesame Street with my two year old daughter. In this episode, Telly and Zoe (you mommies know exactly who I'm talking about) assumed they were being ignored by a lovely little dark haired girl when they invited her to join in their play. Well, turns out she was deaf, not rude. I watched her signing and immediately was transported back to my college days, when my desire was to become a speech pathologist and work with deaf children. In this educational journey (which unfortunately ended when the ever blessed moo-lah was dangled under my nose and I dropped out to work full time) I took two semesters of American Sign Language (ASL). An entirely new world opened up for me, and I actually acquired a new circle of friends, deaf friends, that I never would have had if I had not had the ability to communicate with them.

I learned of the issues members of the deaf community face, the stereotypes they unwillingly fall into, the problems that arise from their lack of hearing--ever wonder how many times you may have had an automobile accident if you weren't able to hear your road neighbor laying on his horn? Or thought about how you ever would have known the ambulance or fire engine was quickly approaching if not for the loud siren? These are every day occurrences for so many deaf men and women.

Soooo, onto the inspiration. Well, I was first inspired to take ASL classes way when my cousin, who incidentally is deaf, was visiting for the summer. She was visiting from India. Not only had she not learned a formal signing language, but she could only read lips in her native tongue--Hindi. Talk about a language barrier! That summer was a beautiful one, as we learned to communicate not only through the hearing/non-hearing barrier, but the English/Hindi language barrier as well. It was a challenge, that pretty well goes without saying, but we did it. And so came ASL in my short college stint.

Just like any other second language, if not used for, oh, a decade (as is my case with ASL) you pretty well lose any and all fluency you had acquired. But after being inspired, once again, by Sesame Street of all things, I hopped on Google and found a Deaf Coffee Chat at a restaurant in my hometown. Members of the deaf and hearing communities meet for, well, coffee twice a month to interact, learn ASL, make new friends, and open up circles that, without the ability to communicate, you would not feasibly be able to enter completely. I am going to take part in these chats. I am going to re-visit ASL. I am going to meet new people, make new friends. I am going to regain the knowledge I lost. And I'm going to do it all with an obnoxious caffeine buzz!

Wish me luck on my newest venture. I'll keep you posted on my progress as I delve into this "foreign language" once again.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something old, Something new

I just wanted to share this custom piece I did for a friend. We found this adorable pendant at a little boutique in my hometown--a vintage piece with amber and pearls, set in sterling silver. (Incidentally, my friend's name is Amber--how appropriate!)

Strung on a chocolate leather cord, capped with beautiful sterling silver end caps, this necklace turned out better than I expected! So chic, yet so classic!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot Mamas!!! You need this tee!!

Unless you've taken up residence under a rock, you are all well aware of the nearest holiday, sneaking up quickly in all it's lovey mushiness. I, like many of you, have a sweetheart--cupid shot his arrow in my tooshie years ago. And I couldn't be happier!

I was caught up in the Valentine spirit and started surfing for sappy trinkets, and came across this absolutely adorable long sleeve tee at My Chic Things!! Simple, to the point, and LOVELY--with the simple message that all women, single or taken, need to shout proudly this time of year--Be My Valentine!!!


I love the way this tee hugs your body, and the Swarovski rhinestones give it that little bit of sparkle that is sure to catch your interest's eye.

While delivery by Valentines Day can't be guaranteed, as it is but three days away, the entire month of February is set aside for sweethearts. You should definitely stop by My Chic Things today and treat yourself!! And then, of course, buy a big fat box of chocolates.......you deserve it, Valentine!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stomp me, Squeeze me, Make me Wine

I have finally added my wine glass charms to www.designsbygeeta.com!! It took me a bit and I apologize. I can blame it on the wine, right?

Please stop by and check out my unique designs! These charms are the perfect accessory for any wine lover, and will ensure that you are drinking from your glass, and your glass alone at a party! You never know what nasty little germs are lurking on the rims of your fellow partiers' glassess--better safe than sorry!

These charms also make awesome hostess gifts! Just be sure she's a wine drinker first! :)

Check them out--you won't find these designs in any store, as they are unique to yours truly. I will be adding quite a few more very shortly, but wanted to share these with you first!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Featured Business--Diva Boutiques!

What's in a name? Well, if you are a self-proclaimed Diva, a great deal. The word "diva" has been defined as anything from a distinguished operatic singer, to divine, to my personal favorite--goddess! This last description brings images of beauty, of divine presentation, to my mind. I picture a woman dripping in jewels, dressed to the nines, laden with gold and sparkles, almost reminicent of an Egyptian princess. And I'm pretty darn sure that if Cleopatra had a personal shopper and fashion consultant, she would have most definitely spent a good deal of time at Diva Boutiques!

This fabulous online boutique is the perfect place for a woman to acquire accessories that truly make her feel like a goddess. And the prices are well below what one would expect to pay for such treasures! What better way to strut your heavenly stuff than to do it in a pair of chic heels that you'd be hard pressed to find at Payless? I personally love these!!
And I'm so ready to jump into spring with these handbags that can stylishly carry my necessities from one place to the next:
I caught up with Lisa from Diva Boutiques the other day, and she let me in on a few little known tidbits about her one stop online boutique. You should read on, and learn how this Diva turned her dream into reality! But don't forget to stop by Diva Boutiques yourself, and accessorize your inner goddess!!
Give me an overview of your business and its products/services
Diva Boutiques is chic & affordable and is open for shopping 24 hours. We have been in business on the web since 2006. Our objective is to distribute the most fashionable handbags, accessories, belts & shoes at a very affordable price. Our customers are general retailers and regular everyday diva's that want to save money.
What makes your business unique when compared to others in this category?
I have very pleased customers who inform me that my selection of item I pick for my store are phenomenal, and in style. My site is updated on a day by day basis. And of course the main winner New Arrivals everyday. My customers can’t get enough. Customer's satisfaction is our top priority and that is the most valuable asset of our business.
Where do you draw inspiration for your creations, products, or services?
As I was a little girl I always gazed in fashion magazine like vogue, instyle & glamour. And always love the glizit and glamour of the fashion world. But I know there are a lot of Diva’s out there who what fashionably nice things but don’t want to spend a fortune.
What has been your proudest moment as a business owner?
The moment my customer sends me an email that they received there item, and very please & they will refer all there friends to shop @ Diva Boutiques. That gives me a warming feeling, and makes me feel very proud that I was able to please a DIVA with style in my shop.
What product or service has been your best selling item? Why do you think that is?
By most best selling products are my selections of shoes. I can’t pick one specific because they all fly off the site. Woman love shoes and can’t get enough especially if they are cute, sexy & priced right for that average diva who want to stand out on those special occasion or causal chic days out with the girls.
How are you able to balance your work and family life, while still continuing to nurture and grow your business?
Sometimes it gets very hard trying to run a fast growing business & being a wife. But I had to learn how to balance the two with time structure, the ever so amazing palm Pilate, & a part time assistant which made it less stressful to handle. I am able to run my business & be a loving supporting wife, while making sure my customers is satisfied with our service.
If you could offer one piece of advice to other women business owners, what would that be?
Never give up, sometime we go through struggle, and there are people who look out to stur up trouble for your business. Just relax take a deep breathe or get a message and continue to strive for excellence.
Thanks, Lisa!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Moving on up

Yours truly has just tested and been promoted to YELLOW BELT in mixed martial arts! Far from being able to take on twelve rogue ninjas in a dark alley, but I am one step closer to my ultimate goal--black belt!

I had to break another board during testing, my third. This one had to be broken with a front snap kick. I thought my foot would fall of, it was NOT easy! I'd broken the other two with ease (not necessarily because of my super human strength), and couldn't understand why my snap kick didn't carry as much "punch" as my fist. Then, of course, I was told that these were new boards, heat treated to make them hard. Niiiiiiiice. It's okay, I'm sure the feeling will come back in my toes soon........

The promotion ceremony was last night, and I can't tell you the sense of accomplishment I felt when my master instructor tied my new belt around my waist, telling me that I have met all requirements and am now promoted to the next level in my training. Me, with stage 4 cancer, doing something I never thought I could do even when I was healthy. Wow. :)

I love the way martial arts makes me feel, the strength I feel, not only physically, but mentally. The spirituality that goes hand in hand with the meditation breathing exercises we often do. The camaraderie I feel with the other students, as they cheer me on when I learn a new technique, or break a board that I swear was made with petrified wood. And, of course, the immense release that comes with donning full sparring gear and beating the crap out of each other. No other feeling like it! :)

I can't wait until Monday when I get to tie my yellow belt around my waist for class. This is something that I did--a reflection of my hard work--and I can't wait to test for the next level!! HI-YA!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Featured Artist--Slymagpie!

As a woman, I know how fabulous I feel when I acquire a new pretty. Whether it be a shirt, pair of shoes, or a slick pair of jeans that do superb justice to my caboose, we all like to feel like princesses. I don't know about you, but I just don't feel like I'm "complete" without accessories to compliment my wardrobe.

Sometimes it's just a pair of earrings, others a rockin' necklace. And every now and then, all I need to acheive "completeness" is a dainty little ring. Well, lucky for me, I can get all of those things at Slymagpie! This chic little boutique has the most unique jewelry I've ever come across, specializing in semi-precious stones and precious metals. Lovely wood pieces are even incorporated into designs, as with A Round of Cognac. You'd be hard pressed to NOT find something you just can't live without.

I had the opportunity to get to know a little more about Margaret of Slymagpie. I think you should continue reading and do the same! But don't forget to stop by Slymagpie yourself and pick out a pretty of your very own!!

What makes your business unique when compared to others in this category?
My style is always evolving. I have so many ideas, I worry I'll never get to them all! I also use a mix of new and vintage findings in my work. Some of them are actually from my mother's collection, so they are really special.

Where do you draw inspiration for your creations, products, or services?
I really couldn't say. Sometimes I just buy materials and figure it out later, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think about things I want to try, and sometimes, I just melt stuff and hope for the best. hee hee...

What has been your proudest moment as a business owner?
the first time someone who wasn't a friend or family member bought something from my store! Also, on Christmas morning, I had the serious warm fuzzies thinking about how many people would be opening gifts purchased from my shop. Totally humbling.

What product or service has been your best selling item. Why do you think that is?
My daisy rings have been really popular. They're really labor intensive, but it's worth it to make something so special. They would be pretty hard to figure out, so I hope they stay "just mine" for a little while at least!
How are you able to balance your work and family life, while still continuing to nurture and grow your business?
ha! not very well. my baby is my first priority, but after that it's a bit of a toss up. Sadly, taking care of the house often loses to inspiration!

If you could offer one piece of advice to other women business owners, what would that be?
The hardest advice to follow...don't sell yourself short! Respect yourself and your work and others will, too.

Thank you, Margaret!!!!!!! xoxo